London Calling!

Serena Lorien

The contemporary voice of
"Estuary English"
The new, consumer-friendly
sound of British Sophistication!
(as spoken by the younger Royals)
British Voiceover Talent

Serena is a professional voiceover artist hailing from London who is now a permanent resident of the United States. She resides in Los Angeles.

Her clients range from businesses that want a chic, yet modern voice to represent their company (IVR systems/ voicemail greetings) to Video game developers, Television networks and Radio stations.

She is represented by one of the premier voiceover agencies in the world, TGMD Talent Agency.

Serena performs a range of accents from around the UK as well as various American accents.

If you're looking for a voice to make your business or product pop please email a detailed job description and contact information and Serena will get back to you shortly.